Club Literati attempts to bring people together on a common platform and engage them in a variety of interests ranging from literature, art, culture, education to contemporary issues. It aims at supporting literature beyond academic boundaries, and creates and refreshes interest in the interminable joys of creative experience. It is a forum where people of different age groups from a wide spectrum of society exchange views on varied issues without the barriers of language and region, and share fresh perspectives on world class literature, art and other formidable issues at large.

For youngsters Club Literati has a special significance- to wean them away from the excesses of technology with an invitation to ‘face’ the book alongside ‘facebook’ and to help them experience the boundless pleasures of making a book their ‘real companion’ and not just a ‘virtual friend’! Another dimension of theClub is to initiate the lesser privileged and special children into the amazing arena of books and art to boost their creative aptitude.

Founder’s Message

Bhopal is undoubtedly one of the most culture-vibrant cities in India. We, at Club Literati, have tried to add another hue to this fascinating kaleidoscope of literature, theatre, art, music and dance. It marks the coming together of kindred souls to actively involve themselves in these genres not as mere spectators or ‘kala rasikas’ but as active participants. Club Literati has achieved many milestones in its one-year journey, widely appreciated by discerning minds.

I may say that the motto of the Club is ‘INVOLVE’, especially the youth, by providing platform for expression of their thoughts and creativity. Judging by the response, we seem to have largely succeeded in our endeavour.

And this is just the beginning…Come and join us!